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Instant Eyebrow Shapers


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What Are Instant Eyebrow Shapers?

Instant Eyebrow Shapers are the fast, easy to use way to remove hair and shape your eyebrows without the pain and guesswork of tweezing. The pack contains 18 sets of 2 shapers (one for above and one for below the eyebrow)

Instant Eyebrow Shapers are pre-cut and designed so that when placed under and / or over the eyebrow, they remove hair to the precise contour of a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

Everyone at some time has wished for expert help to make perfect eyebrows. That expert help is now here with Instant Eyebrow Shapers.

Instant Eyebrow Shapers :

Each Instant Eyebrow Shaper contains :

18 x Upper Eyebrow Shapers *

18 x Lower Eyebrow Shapers *

 Each set comprises of one of each of the above *

Directions To Use Instant Eyebrow Shapers :

How Do You Use Instant Eyebrow Shapers?

Simply place the strips in position, press on, then peel off. Shapers remove not only the longer thicker hairs, but also the fine, tiny hairs, so difficult to see and even more difficult to grip with tweezers.

To remove hair between brows, follow the same directions as above using rectangular strips.