About us

HealthAid® is a premium brand in the supplement market, with a comprehensive portfolio of over 560 health-related products.


HealthAid® is an established and reputable brand that provides a wide range of over 560 high-quality health supplements. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, HealthAid® has gained a strong reputation for offering innovative, premium quality and affordable products. Our products are distributed to over 60 countries worldwide and are available in more than 4,000 independent pharmacies and health food shops in the UK.

At HealthAid®, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and offering products that cater to the diverse dietary needs of our customers. We understand the importance of being proactive and responsive to our customers' needs and strive to exceed their expectations in every way possible. HealthAid® works towards the delight of its customers based on:






To establish HealthAid® as the market leading supplier of premium quality and innovative products within the healthcare sector, offering world-class customer service, respected for consistent, stable business relationships.

Our Values - Customer Focused & Excellent Service

HealthAid® aims to offer world-class customer service, build stable business relationships based on trust, respect, and consistency, and create exceptional products that help enhance our customers' health and well-being. We are passionate about promoting diversity and maintaining high standards in all aspects of our business.


Where possible, all HealthAid® products are manufactured from natural sources and are free from artificial additives, colouring and flavourings, yeast, gluten, salt, sugar and dairy products. Many products are suitable for vegetarians and a growing number also for vegans.

We believe in using only the finest ingredients to create high-quality products, which are rigorously tested for purity and potency ensuring they match up to the high standards we expect from our products.

We conduct thorough research to provide nutritionally balanced products that reflect the latest research in the field of nutrition and health. We are dedicated to maintaining an innovative and creative approach to our products, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards and cater to the whole family's needs.
HealthAid® range of skincare, haircare and bath products are produced without cruelty to animals and to the most effective modern formulations.