Soil Depletion and The Need Of Nutritional Supplements
Soil Depletion and The Need Of Nutritional Supplements
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According to Linus Pauling (two times Nobel Prize winner), “Nearly all disease can be traced to nutritional deficiency (lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants)”. Unfortunately, due to the fact that for a very long time we’ve been using artificial fertilizers the concentration of minerals in the soil today is 70 to 100 % lower than it was a hundred years ago. Due to various reports pointing to a dangerous soil depletionthe nutritional content in both plant and animal foods is much lower today than it was before we started abusing the soil in many different ways including the heavy use of artificial fertilisers.
Plant & animal foods are much lower in nutrients due to the severe soil depletion, fast plant food growth (less time to accumulate nutrients), & other factors. As a result, also food we consume is deprived of proper amount of nutrients, and only biodynamic farming, but not organic, can help to solve this problem, because only the biodynamic farming is able to replenish the soil. Organic foods have less pesticides and herbicides but they are not significantly higher in nutrients.
According to Scientific American, 2018, “If current rates of degradation continue all of the world’s top soil could be gone within 60 years, a senior UN official said!” The research by the Worldwatch Institute suggests that an orange from 1950s was packed with Vitamin A & CToday, to provide the same amount of these nutrients we would have to consume 20 oranges! Just one tomato from 1940s was very high in CopperToday we would have to eat 10 tomatoes to obtain the same intake of this mineral!
In the ancient times there was a special law which was practiced in the Middle East. It encouraged people to allow the land to rest from active agricultural production every seventh year. The law was to benefit poor people and allow the land to rejuvenate itself and regain its mineral content. It also gave farmers opportunity to devote more time to repairs, travel, education, future planning, etc. Unfortunately, today this vital principle is completely forgotten or ignored. As a result the land is greatly abused and almost completely deprived of its mineral content. This problem can be solved not by organic farming but only by biodynamic farming and allowing soil to rest and regain its nutritional content.
In addition, majority of people today consume products which either deprive them of vitamins and minerals or are very low in nutrients. The most dangerous among them are foods which contain high glucose or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), refined sugar (hidden in many different products), polished rice, and refined flour products such as white bread, doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, or refined pasta. Also chronic psychological stress and the use of popular stimulants such as caffeine products, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. greatly contribute to nutritional deficiencies and poor health.
Therefore, taking into consideration all the above mentioned facts, the only way we can attempt to solve the enormous problem of dangerous nutritional deficiencies that contribute or cause our health problems is by a regular intake of vitamins, minerals, micro-elements and antioxidants in the form of supplements and super foods. However, since as far as content and quality is concerned, there are huge differences between available on the market multivitamin-mineral formulas it is very important to spend some time on reading labels comparing the quality and strength of the ingredients in order to make a wise and the best possible choice.
Written by Slawomir Gromadzki, MPH

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