SuperGreens Powder 200g

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Dairy FreeVeganVegetarianNo Preservatives

Nutrition experts advise consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, emphasising the need for "three cups of leafy greens and cruciferous veggies like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, known for their antioxidants." The UK's common diet, rich in meat, dairy, processed foods, sugary snacks, alcohol, and soft drinks, tends to be more acidic. This excess acidity can disrupt pH balance, leading to gut imbalances, digestive issues, inflammation and weakened immunity. 

Certain foods, including alfalfa, barley, beets, broccoli, cabbage, kale and spinach, are alkaline-forming and help maintain optimal pH levels. Spirulina also contributes to acid-alkaline balance and offers protein. HealthAid® SuperGreens powder contains 20 ingredients like beetroot, kale, and seaweed, offering a concentrated nutrient blend that aids detoxification, boosts energy, and enhances mental clarity. This Supergreens powder provides abundant antioxidants and nutrients for a stronger immune system, combating fatigue effectively. 

  • Helps supplement the diet to support a healthy metabolism and energy levels, at a cellular level 
  • Naturally rich in Vitamin B and Folic Acid, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness 
  • May help protect cells from oxidative damage 
  • May help boost the immune system or the body’s resistance to infection  
  • May help improve endurance during physical performance 

Take once daily by adding one or two scoops (provided) in cold water or fruit juice. Ideal to blend with smoothies. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Free From Artificial Colours and Preservatives.

Ingredients Amount NRV%
Turmeric 1000mg *
Beetroot 1000mg *
Spinach 1000mg *
Kale 800mg *
Alfalfa 800mg *
Green Tea 800mg *
Barley Grass 800mg *
Broccoli 800mg *
Celery 800mg *
Wheat Grass 700mg *
Parsley 700mg *
Chlorella 400mg *
Spirulina 400mg *
*: EC Nutrient Reference Value Not Yet Established
*Values provided are per 10g serving

Powder extracts: Turmeric, Beetroot, Spinach Kale, Alfalfa, Green Tea, Barley Grass, Broccoli, Celery, Wheat Grass, Parsley, Chlorella, Spirulina.