Unique Quality of Healthaid Black Seed Oil

Unique Quality of Healthaid Black Seed Oil

Jan 14, 2020

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa), also known as Blessed Seed Oil or Black Cumin Oil, is produced from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a flowering plant which grows in Southwest Asia and the Middle East.


Unique Quality of HealthAid Black Seed Oil 

HealthAid Black Seed Oil is made of the highest quality seeds that are organically grown.

The Nigella sativa plants, which seeds are used to make the HealthAid Black Seed Oil, are organically cultivated (without using chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides) in the Madhya Pradesh region of India, regarded as the cleanest in the entire country, far from pollution and busy cities.



In due time, the seeds are collected by local often poor people employed by certified organic farms.



After being collected the seeds are transported to the high quality GMP-certified processing facility (awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for quality) where they are tested by the quality control ultramodern and equipped with gas cartography lab to insure the highest quality of the raw material.



After passing the quality check, seeds are sorted, washed with clean water and carefully dried, using warm (low temperature) air, to preserve their natural antioxidant and nutritional content. Seeds are stored in large, well maintained storage warehouses kept scrupulously clean without the use of pesticides.



Those carefully selected high quality clean seeds are placed in a special cold press system (food grade 100% stainless steel) and repeatedly go through the process of cold-pressing to get maximum oil content.

This process prevents the oil from losing its most valuable active health-promoting ingredients, antioxidants and vital nutrients that are otherwise destroyed at higher temperatures.

Unlike, commonly used heat- and solvent-extraction, the entire process of the extraction and filtration of the HealthAid Black Seed Oil is completely mechanical, free from any chemicals or heat and made exclusively from organically grown Nigella sativa seeds.



The de-oiled organic black seed cake, which is left after the extraction, is sent to poultry farms in Madhya Pradesh region and used as a very healthy and nutritious feed. Organic Nigella seed cake is known to be rich in beneficial nutrients, fatty acids, high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Also the antifungal and natural antibiotic properties of the cake help prevent animals from various diseases without the use of synthetic antibiotics.



The filtered and clean cold-pressed oil is sent to the lab for another quality test to ensure its proper taste, colour, texture and aroma. After the approval the oil is immediately placed in amber dark high quality bottles to prevent oxidation and to preserve the precious volatile components. The final product is also free from any additives and completely natural.



Nutritional composition and the concentration of active ingredients of Nigella Sativa seed and oil are known to be dependent not only on proper extraction but also on location, climate and the quality of the soil. It was found that the strength and effectiveness of Black Seed Oil can vary considerably depending on those factors.

One of the factors which can make the Black Seed Oil unique is the content of volatile oil which differs depending on the area where the seed is grown. For countries with extreme heat, like certain regions of India (including Madhya Pradesh), the content of main active ingredients can be significantly higher.



HealthAid is taking great care by processing only the highest quality Nigella sativa seeds that are grown on naturally fertilised good quality soils and in an ideal for this plant hot climate to produce the best and highly-volatile, aromatic and rich in active ingredients oil which is 100% pure virgin cold pressed. It is also a rigorous cycle of careful testing and analysis to maintain the very best quality that our customers have come to expect.

HealthAid Black Seed Oil is an excellent liquid formula for general and all round health for people of all ages including growing children, athletes, women, men, vegans and vegetarians.


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