Nutritional Supplements to Help Increase Breast Milk in Lactating (Breast Feeding) Women

Nutritional Supplements to Help Increase Breast Milk in Lactating (Breast Feeding) Women

Feb 02, 2021

Nutritional Supplements to Help Increase Breast Milk in Lactating (Breast Feeding) Women


- Moringa. Lactating mothers often report that consuming moringa leaf may cause a significant increase in breast milk. In addition, Moringa contains amino acid Tryptophan, which in our brains is converted to Serotonin, regarded as the most important good mood hormone. Moringa leaf can be safely consumed by lactating women and children as according to scientific research no side effects of moringa leaves intake have been reported. According to an abstract of the “Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Moringa oleifera” written in 2015 by Professor S. J. Stohs, “No adverse effects were reported in association with human studies.” 


- Alfalfa is another lactogenic herb and super food used to increase mammary tissue and mother’s milk supply. Like Moringa, it can also be safely taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 


- Ground Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum) seed (1 teaspoon mixed with raw organic honey twice daily) has been used for centuries to help mothers increase breast milk production. It can produce good results after only one to three days.  


- Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and Star Flower Oil can be beneficial in increasing breast-milk production. Supplementation of nursing mothers with Evening Primrose Oil also increases the breastmilk content of gamma linoleic acid and total GLA plus its metabolite, dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid, and caused no adverse reactions in the breastfed infants. Also, supplementation of nursing mothers with Borage seed oil increases the breastmilk content of gamma-linolenic acid and dihomo-gamma-linoleic acid, but not arachidonic acid. Borage seed oil is generally well tolerated in adults; however, only products free from pyrrolizidine alkaloid should be used. 


- Milk Thistle – Aside from being a very popular herb for supporting the liver function and health, it has been shown to increase mother’s milk supply compared with a placebo in some clinical studies. 


- Fennel is another popular herb used for increasing breast-milk production, and also extremely helpful in relieving symptoms of gas or upset stomach. 


- Since hormonal imbalance and, very common today, nutritional deficiencies may contribute to insufficient breast milk production, it is recommended for lactating women to take a good multivitamin (such as Health Pregnazon or Pregnazon complete) and a nutritional supplement (such as FemmeVit) aiming at helping maintain a healthy hormonal balance. 


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