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Vitamins are a group of substances essential for normal metabolism, growth and development, and regulation of cell function. Vitamins work together with enzymes, co-factors (substances that assist enzymes), and other substances necessary for healthy life.


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Minerals are the invisible ingredients that play a vital role in almost every reaction that takes place within the billions of cells in our body. Their functions range from enabling enzymes to activate chemical reactions, building good bone structure, to promoting healthy nerve & brain functions.


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Vitamins & Minerals work in conjunction with each other. Some enhance the ability of others to be absorbed or utilised. A quality balanced multivitamin formulation is the safest way of obtaining a wide cross section of vital combination of vitamins. Multivitamin supplies your body with the desired amount of vital ingredients for overall good health.


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Male & Female Health


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Lifestyle products offering optimum choice for individual needs for both male & female at every stage of life; such as Prostate Health, Sexual Health, Pregnancy and Menopause. 


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Cardiovascular Support, Detox Range, Digestive Aid, Energy Boosters,  Eye support , Female Health, Hair, skin & Nail Support, Jointcare , Immune Support , Sexual Health, Slimming Range etc...


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Healthaid Antioxidants ,  Amino Acids, Brewer's Yeast, Coenzyme Q 10, Essential Fatty Acids, Fiber , Lecithin, Royal Jelly  and Soya Isoflavones believed to be beneficial. 




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Herbal remedies is one of the oldest forms of healthcare, at times it is preffered over conventional supplements as it is natural, contains no chemicals and our bodies tend to absorb and use them much more easily. Various herbal remedies are available to protect the body against a vast range of conditions.


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Aromatherapy offers its users some unique benefits and introducing aromatic oils into your daily life is quite easy, flexible and therapeutically beneficial. Numerous essential oils have been in use since time immemorial for various purpose; the uses being quite diverse from boosting your immune system to helping you relax.


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Body Care


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Comprehensive range of products crammed with gorgeous high-quality ingredients that are all natural; containing no parabens, SLS, no artificial fragrances for your everyday skin & body care. Suitable for the whole family.


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Nail Files,  Facial Range, Oral Hygiene, Nail Care Range, Anti-smoking aids & etc.....


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