Neuroforte 30's Tablets

My neurologist prescribed me Neuroforte tablets, as a temporary assistance to my neuro system, while searching for a diagnosis for my problem. My problem is diplopia (periodically double vision), without any other symptoms.After just ten days of taking Neuroforte, my double visions disappeared! I don't know how this happened, but for a two year period I was dealing with it, every 3-4 days and this is the first time it stopped! I'm taking tablets for 1-5 months now.

Best Regards, Ana Kralj (Montenegro)

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Thank you so much for the wonderful Cysticare.
I suffered for a long time with recurrent bouts of cystitis and was drained and fearful of the next episode. Since discovering this wonderful product I am pain-free and can sleep properly. I have been into the herbalist shop to tell the staff to please recommend this product to others! If only the GP's could do the same.This has literally changed my life. 

Regards, M. Barrs

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Acidophilus Plus

I did read of about the acidophilus and the probiotcs for my allergic baby last spring. Specially that have to have all three probiotics in the product - as Acidophilus Plus have ! Then I ordered those from you (because many of products did not have all the three...) - and give to my baby mixed the powder to water - and now my little 1 year old girl have very nice skin, can eat almost everything ! And by my earlier experience (13 years old son) I know, she will be very fine and out totally from food allergic things !

Regards, happy father Esa - Estonia

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MenoVital Tablets

HealthAid Customer Questionnaire Results – Case History
I was suffering with the menopause, with symptoms of hot sweats, sleeplessness, depression, excessive weight gain, dry skin, water retention, tiredness, painful joints, poor hair condition and thinning of the bones. The overall results of the menopause have made my life at times quite intolerable. More of an endurance test to get through the day with a dread of nights filled with hot sweats and sleeplessness. I have at times, had to force myself to be sociable when really I felt depressed, unattractive, overweight and depressed.

I tried lots of other remedies unsuccessfully, but then I tried Menovital.

Fairly soon after taking MenoVital, I felt much more positive and uplifted and now have very rare bouts of depression. Also I am beginning to sleep better. I feel more relaxed and the hot sweats are not so numerous. My bladder problem seems to have gone and my skin is less dry. Also my nails are in much better condition.

Your sincerely, Mrs D. - London

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Acidophilus Plus (4 Billion) Capsules

I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your products. I have used a number now from your wide range and always found them very helpful.

Your sincerely, Miss J - London

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Tea Tree Oil

I am writing to you to say how much I like your excellent product Tea Tree Lotion, which I use daily.

Your sincerely, Mrs S - Pinner

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Brainvit Tablets

I am very impressed with your product Brainvit and if you want to use my name in future adverts, please do so. Would recommend it to anyone.

Your sincerely, Ms A - Exmouth

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Osteoflex Tablets

I have been taking your Osteoflex Slow Release tablets and they are marvellous. Suggested by friends in Southampton who also find them wonderful.  I can’t get them at my local chemist as I am disabled and rely on carers , so can I get them direct from you by post? If so please send me details.The Osteoflex tablets have helped ease the pain of arthritis and give me more mobility.

Your sincerely, Mrs C - Hampshire

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Vitamin B Complex Supreme Tablets

I am writing to say what a difference I feel since I started taking Vitamin B Complex Supreme. I am on my second bottle and I feel so much better than before I took them. Before I was very much down, with no appetite and no interest in things, but now I feel so well and such a lot of people have commented on the change in me. My hair is in such good condition too. Thank you so much for your product which I now recommend to a lot of people.

Your sincerely, Mrs J - Crawley

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Vitamin E Oil

Thank you very much for the bottle of vitamin E oil.I am very grateful for the product as it is one of the best vitamin E oils on the market.I have been using it for many years now and I’ve seen how much of a benefit it is to my skin and my family.I hope the product will remain the same from now and forever.Thank you once again.

Your sincerely, Mr T - London

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Livercare Tablets

For almost a year, I had been suffering with nausea and stomach ache.I stumbled across the above in my chemist and have not looked back! It is wonderful to feel well again.

Yours faithfully, Mr D - Surrey

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Halibut Liver Oil Capsules

Thank you !!! , I have been taking Halibut Liver Oil Capsules for about 35 years they are ‘WD40’ for knees. I am now over 73 and horse riding and skiing regularly thanks to the little capsules.

Regards, Mr G  - Staines

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Hair vit Success Story

I want to say how thrilled I have been with the effect on my scalp of three months on hair vit capsules. I had developed over the past year in late life dermatitis/psoriasis on my scalp. Steroid products did nothing to help other than thin the skin. Then I read a letter in a magazine that a lady had tried hair vit for her hair and a patch of psoriasis had simultaneously cleared. I thought it was worth a try and after three months my scalp is clear and I think my hair improved. My hairdresser is amazed and I am naturally delighted. Thank you for a great product.

Regards, Mrs J

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NB. * Names have been removed to protect confidentiality. These are copies of some of the “real life” testimonials received at our HealthAid offices in Harrow, Middlesex. If you wish for your testimonial to be added to our website please email us on sales@HealthAid.co.uk

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