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Eye Health
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Citrus Bioflavonoid 1000mg 30's Tablets

Citrus Bioflavonoid 1000mg Tablets - HealthAid Bioflavonoids are found in citrus fruits and help maintain capillary strength and intensify the effect of Vitamin C in the body.  They cannot be produced by the body and must be taken through food or supplements. People with bruising, varicose veins, spider veins, haemorrhage, cataracts, bleeding gums, blood clots and haemorrhoids would be well advise..


EyeVit Plus 30's Capsules

EyeVit Plus Capsules - HealthAid The eyes are a vital sense organ, responsible for vision. Good eyesight is an important part of wellbeing and a significant factor in retaining the quality of life as we age. Proper nutrition is essential to help keep your eyes healthy and functioning at their best. EyeVit Plus is specially formulated to safeguard the intake of the most beneficial nutrients which a..


Vitamin A 5000iu 100's Capsules

Vitamin A 5000iu Capsules - HealthAid Vitamin A is beneficial for good eyesight and helps build strong cell membranes.  It assists in keeping tissues and organs healthy and in the promotion of healthy growth, strong bones, healthy skin, hair, teeth and gums. What Are Vitamin A Capsules For? Vitamin A enhances immunity, may help to reduce occurrences of night blindness and is effective against sk..


Bilberry 275mg 30's Tablets

Bilberry Tablets 275mg - HealthAid Bilberry Tablets 275mg  are formulated using the best quality extracts and powders; derived from wild crafted or organically grown herbs meticulously processed to maintain purity and high potency. Each Bilberry Tablet contains (average): Bilberry Powder 210mg * Bilberry Extract** [*standardised to 25% anthocyanidine] 65mg* *: EC Nutrient Reference ..


Bilberry Herbal (Vaccinium myrtillus) 50ml Liquid

Bilberry Herbal Liquid 50ml (Vaccinium myrtillus) - HealthAid Bilberry herbal Liquid is derived from top quality herbs, that are cultivated without the use of chemicals, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, fumicides or irradiation to maintain purity. Each 1ml Bilberry Herbal Liquid contains (average): Bilberry Extract 1:3 (equivalent of 330mg* of Bilberry herb..


EyeVit 30's Tablets

EyeVit Tablets - HealthAid It is well known that the eyes, like every other organ in the body, need proper nourishment.  EyeVit Tablets by HealthAid are specially formulated to safeguard the intake of important nutrients which help maintain and care for the eyes. EyeVit Tablets may be of benefit to: Those who wish to help keep the eyes looking bright and sparkling clean. People with blood shot e..


Lutein 20mg 30's Tablets

Lutein Tablets - HealthAid Lutein Tablets contain Lutein which is a carotenoid found in fruits and vegetables. In humans, it is concentrated in the retina and lens of the eye. Lutein has high antioxidant properties & may help protect cells against the damaging effects of free radicals. Thus playing a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes, heart and skin. Lutein from HealthAid is extracted from m..